Association “Nonprofit Partnership Council for Organizing Efficient System of Trading at Wholesale and Retail Electricity and Capacity Market” (Association “NP Market Council”) was established according to the Federal Law № 35-FZ “On the Electric Power Industry” dated 26 March 2003 to unite on a membership basis all entities taking part in the circulation of electric power on the wholesale market including the organizations operating the commercial and technological infrastructure of the wholesale market.

Association “NP Market Council” develops and approves the Wholesale Market Trading System Accession Agreement and Wholesale Market Regulations; takes part in the elaboration of wholesale and retail electricity and capacity market rules; maintains the Register of Wholesale Market Participants; carries out market dispute resolution; controls the adherence of market participants to Wholesale Electricity and Capacity Market Rules.

Any participant of the wholesale electricity and capacity market is legally obligated to become Member of the Association and enter into Wholesale Market Trading System Accession Agreement.

As of December 1, 2021 Association “NP Market Council” had 454 members, including:

in the Chamber of Sellers - 105

in the Chamber of Buyers - 250

in the Chamber of Experts - 95

in the Chamber of Infrastructure Organizations - 4

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