Counting Commission

The Counting Commission of the Association "NP Market Council" is a permanent collegial counting body.
The competence of the CountingCommission include the following:
  • credentials andregistrationof personsparticipatinginthe meetings / sessionsof thePartnership's management bodies;
  • forming and creating the report list of affiliated persons or groups of persons which totally obtain more than 20 (twenty) percent of the whole votes of the Members of the Partnership, as well as determining the number of theirs votes which are taken into account when the voting results are summed up;
  • clarification of issues and ensuring the established order of voting inthe meetings / sessionsof thePartnership's management bodies  and General Meetings of the Partnersip;
  • performing functions of the tabulation commission at the General Meeting of Members of the Partnership and at the meetings of the Supervisory Board of the Partnership;
  • drafting of a protocol on the results of voting at the meeting / session of the Partnership's management bodys;
  • etc. (the full functions description and the structure of the Counting Commission is presented in Russian version here).
The number of members of the Counting Commission is not less than three and no more than five persons, including the Secretary of the Counting Commission.
Members of the Audit Committee elected by the decision of the Supervisory Board of the Partnership, except the Secretary of the Counting Committee, whose functions performed by the Secretary of the Supervisory Board of the Partnership.

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