Composition of the Supervisory Board of Association "NP Market Council"

The Supervisory Board is the permanent collegiate body managing the Association during the time between General Meetings of Members of Association.
Key functions of the Supervisory Board:
Examining the key principles (models) of wholesale and retail electricity and capacity markets functioning
Approval of the Wholesale Market Trading System Accession Agreement
Acceptance (exclusion) of organizations to the Association
Approval of the procedure for pre-court dispute resolution
Approval of the principles and procedure of applying pecuniary sanctions for violation of the wholesale market rules
The Supervisory Board is elected by the General Meeting of Members of Association and consists of:
8 representatives of federal authorities
5 representatives of electricity sellers
5 representatives of electricity buyers
4 representatives of commercial and technological infrastructure organizations

Chamber of Government Representatives

Chamber of Electric Power Sellers Representatives

Chamber of Electric Power Buyers Representatives

Chamber of Infrastructure Organizations Representatives

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